Luis Suárez, a wish fulfilled for Cholo Simeone

The signing of Luis Suárez for Atlético just become official and the Uruguayan will be the reference striker of the rojiblanco team this season, taking over from Morata, who has decided back to Juventus on loan. With this addition, Simeone manages to strengthen his team with what you need most: goal. And it is that the Uruguayan has been one of the best scorers in Europe in recent years, as shown his average of 29 goals per season in 14 courses and his 198 goals as a Barça player, which place him as the third top scorer in the history of Barcelona.

Certainly, if you are good physical level and their numbers are similar to those of previous years, the arrival of Suárez supposes a great news for the Cholo, as treasures everything the technician Argentine demands of a forward: fight, sacrifice, pressure the rival defense and effectiveness in front of goal. Also, Atlético's coach has stated publicly his admiration for the Uruguayan striker on several occasions, already from the days when Suárez played for Liverpool.

The first time What Simeone said about the Uruguayan in the press room was in lprior to a confrontation of Champions between Atlético and Liverpool in 2013 and told a journalist: “I couldn't speak ill of Luis Suárez, it's extraordinary, but we have a party that makes us archive all the situations “.

In the summer of 2014 Suárez disembarked in Barcelona, ​​but did not have an easy start in the Barcelona club, which led him to receive criticism from different fronts. In this situation, the Cholo also came out to defend him: “When Luis Suarez find the place your boss wants, it's a intense gamer that is going to give you that different quota than you need the equipment. He is a wonderful, tremendous, extraordinary, strong, aggressive, intense player … He assists and scores from anywhere. “

During the six seasons that Suárez has happened in the Barcelona, has faced Atlético on several occasions in all competitions, scoring a total of 8 goals in 18 games. Precisely after one of those duels, in January 2015 at the Camp Nou on matchday 18 of the League 2014-15 and in which the Uruguayan scored a goal and gave another, Cholo declared in the press room that is he best player as race nine you can have a team. It is different from the extremes that usually play at Barça. With Pedro they make more diagonals inwards, but Luis is very complete “.

Athletic Shield / Flag

A season later in april 2016, again praised the Uruguayan striker, highlighting his qualities on the pitch: “Luis Suárez is a very important player, tremendous, wonderful, extraordinary, strong, aggressive, intense. Assist and score from anywhere. its arrival has enriched Barça. It has different virtues from the players there were. It has given it more depth than it had. It has enormous virtues, plays a lot with the body, it is powerfulHe has good movements and is strong in the area. It enriches Barcelona “.

Suarez will be the substitute for Costa in the homework to fight with rival defenders, how well the Spanish-Brazilian performed in his first rojiblanco stage, having a capital role in recent successes from Atlético. For the Cholo game it is essential to have a player who fixes the defenses contrary so that the players of second line can reach auction positions, both wingers and midfielders, and Suárez plays that role to perfection.