The match that he measured tonight at El Sadar against Osasuna and Granada had all the ingredients to be very special. The rojillos closed the Centennial year with a performance in the prolegomena of Serafín Zubiri and the presence of historical figures such as Iriguibel, Etxeberría, Martín, Cruchaga or Puñal carrying flags with the different shields of the club throughout its history. Everything was going smoothly, with a goal from Chimy, who reconciled with the people. But Cote made a mistake unbecoming of a player of his experience. He was expelled and determined the night of the Navarrese. Montoro spoiled the local party with a work of art from afar, of crack, before a too reckless and adventurous Herrera. He hit it dry, flat, instep … perfect. “I have realized that the goalkeeper was ahead, he was trying to intimidate me into trying and I have done it,” the midfielder Robert Navarro was sincere.

The Navarrese came from adding three consecutive victories and achieving a new one against Granada would allow them to sleep co-leaders or even leaders. Enough arguments for El Sadar to register the full house. Face a Granada in trouble, with six points added, but with high morale after the victory against Sevilla. Those from Arrasate began by approaching the goal defended by Maximiano. As the minutes passed, the match lost intensity. Granada were defending themselves and it was difficult for the Navarrese to gain control of the ball and control the game. The crash was recovering a little intensity without having a clear dominator. It was difficult for both teams to play soccer. In the 35th minute, the controversial play arrived. Germán touched the ball with his hand inside the area but the referee whistled a previous foul by Oier, somewhat doubtful. The game was going on with too many interruptions. At the edge of the break, ‘El Comandante’ armed his rifle. He took advantage of a rebound to beat the Granada goalkeeper with a powerful left foot. Madness took hold of El Sadar and with the score in favor, the half of the match arrived.

Osasuna Shield / Flag

La Liga Santander

* Data updated as of October 22, 2021

As soon as the second half begins Oier was able to extend the score after a corner kick. Those from Arrasate got rid of the pressure from Granada more easily than in the first half. The Navarrese were insistently looking for the second. However, Granada responded by attacking. Both teams were looking for the rival goal. Torres missed a good chance. Moncayola, who had just entered the field of play, hooked a ball that went high.

In the 74th minute the match was complicated for the rojillos, when Cote saw the direct red for grabbing a Granada player, considering the referee that it was an obvious opportunity to score. Those of Robert Moreno tried to take advantage of the numerical superiority. Osasuna defended the result tooth and nail. But when the match was about to end, Montoro scored a beautifully made goal to establish the tie at one. The rojillos, on the closing day of their centenary, had to settle for the distribution of points.

Granada Coat of Arms / Flag

La Liga Santander

* Data updated as of October 22, 2021


Monchu (37 ‘, Gonalons), Kike Garcia (66 ‘, Chimy Ávila), Jon Moncayola (66′, Oier), Santiago Arias (70 ‘, Quini), Jorge Molina (70 ‘, Bacca), Javi martinez (78 ‘, Roberto Torres), Manu Sanchez (78 ‘, Rubén García), Juan Cruz (78 ‘, Brasanac), Montoro (82 ‘, Machís), Escudero (82′, Carlos Neva)


1-0, 44′: Chimy Avila, 1-1, 89′: Montoro


Referee: Alejandro Muñiz Ruiz
VAR Referee: José Luis González González
Nacho Vidal (28 ‘, Yellow) Luis Abram (36 ‘, Yellow) Berry (47 ‘, Yellow) Rochina (49 ‘, Yellow) Jose Angel (73 ‘, Roja