Mino Raiola, the super player agent, does not go unnoticed every time he gives an interview. This time it was for the BBC. One of the most powerful player representatives in football He has spoken of several of the footballers who are under his protection: Haaland, Pogba, Ibrahimovic … And of the problems they have with the control of FIFA.

Perception of greedy: “My players don't call me a parasite. Maybe the public can also think: 'If this man is so greedy and so bad, how are all his players happy and staying with him? I have no power or influence, my job is to get the best deal. “

Haaland: “He will be one of the future stars of the next decade because we see that stars like Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo and Messi are reaching an age where everyone asks: 'How long can we continue to enjoy them?' Then everyone looks for the new generation. It is obvious that everyone sees Erling as one of those possible new stars of the future because it is very difficult to do what he does at his age and at his level. “

“Saying 'I'm not interested' in Haaland is like saying that there is a Formula 1 team that is not interested in Hamilton”

Mino Raiola

Future of the Norwegian forward: “There are only a maximum of 10 clubs that can afford to buy from Haaland and offer him the platform he would like after he has been in Dortmund … and four of those clubs are in England.”

Everyone wants to sign Haaland: “I don't think there is a sports director or a coach in the world who says 'I'm not interested.' It's like saying, 'Is there a Formula 1 team that wouldn't be interested in having Lewis Hamilton?'

Pogba's time at United is over: “I just expressed an opinion, I didn't want to cause any problems. I don't think I have destabilized anyone, because they had a fantastic streak and even got to be first. Every time I say my opinion, everyone in England goes crazy, and I am the one. worst agent, or best agent … “.

Ibrahimovic: “How can you judge if I am a good agent for Ibrahimovic? The only one who can judge that is Ibra himself”,

War with FIFA: “We no longer talk to FIFA. In the end, there will be a court case. I have no problem with transparency. There are governments that control us fiscally, legally every day. What we have a problem with is with people who don't know how. a transfer works, trying to make rules that are ridiculous. FIFA uses us to hide its own problems. There is only interest in saying: 'Let's attack the agents because they took too much money from the game.'

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