Calahorra, a Group II team in Second Division B, has given André Onana, Ajax goalkeeper, a shirt with his name and number on it. You may wonder what a goalkeeper of international stature was doing in the facilities of a modest club like La Rioja. The reason, as revealed by the entity itself, is to share time with his compatriots.

Onana, to this day, cannot play or train due to a one-year sanction for doping. The meta acknowledged that he had indeed taken a prohibited substance. Specifically, Furosemide in the drug Lasimac. It is a pill against discomfort, which had been prescribed for his partner and he ingested it without knowing that it was something that could cause such a problem. It's more, UEFA has acknowledged that the goalkeeper had no intention of breaking the regulations, although that does not exempt you from the consequences.

Now and despite the fact that he does not give up in the battle to annul his sanction, Onana is training alone so as not to lose physical form. The local media “Nine Four One” reports that there are voices that suggest that he has been exercising with the subsidiary. Calahorra, of course, has not confirmed these rumors and has explained, through a tweet, why the Cameroonian star has visited their training grounds.

The reason is none other than to visit Patrie Sousia, with whom he coincided at Barcelona, ​​and with Jules youmeni, both members of the club branch and of the same nationality as the sanctioned goalkeeper. The town is currently in perimeter closure, so it is understood that it has been there for several days. Onana shared the Calahorra post on Twitter and added the following message: “Thank you very much for the welcome and good luck for this season.”

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