Between friendly smiles, Sergi Barjuan melted into a hug with Raul Gonzalez after waging a bench battle two decades after the ones they starred in as Barça and Real Madrid footballers. Now technicians of the subsidiary culé and merengue respectively, attended a duel that had a lot of chess game and not only because it ended in a draw. “We played together for the national team and we had very good memories. When we finished the classics we greeted each other and that was seen again here in Valdebebas ”, said Sergi. “We spoke before and after that, the luck we have is that we have very easy squads that play well and understand us. They have a very nice squad and are sure to have something to talk about in this League,” he pointed out with sportsmanship.

Before the cameras of Esport3, the Barça B coach accepted the draw and, above all, the image of solidity that his team gave at the home of the eternal rival. “It is a game to be happy, to leave satisfied with the work done,” he stressed. In conclusion, Sergi left with the feeling that the 0-0 is explained in that “nobody wanted to fit in and it showed.”

In his analysis, he pointed out positive aspects of the game and others, not so much. “The management of the ball was good, because we had a high possession of the ball and we were able to generate game inside, but it is also true that we needed to shoot more at goal because we did not make the final decision well,” he admitted before reminding as a defense that “we were playing in Madrid.”

The entrance of Moussa N’Diaye by Armau Solà it was preventive. “Solà saw a card and that limited him in defense, that’s why Moussa entered, who was applied.”

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