Nico has ceased to be the brother of Iñaki In football, of course. I will not be the one to endanger the union of Iñaki and Nico. Not much less. Last season I already wrote that little by little Nico he was going to make his way into the elite and that one day Iñaki would become the brother of Nico. Things haven’t even gotten that far, but the little brother of the Williams He is making a name for himself in Athletic.

Few question the performance it can offer, what’s more, many demand, we demand more minutes to Williams Jr. MarcelinoFor now, dose. It is true that in recent weeks he has been injured, which, for example, prevented him from being in the squad with the Spanish under-21 team, but when he has been at full capacity, it is not that he has enjoyed many starts. Specifically, he has been in the League 6 times and in the Cup 3. To me, seeing the performance of the team, they sound like few to me, really.

Nico Williams He returns this Saturday to the field where he traveled last season for the first time with the first team, although he will not play. In this newspaper, Iñaki Ugalderevealed the intentions of Gaizka Garitano around Nico and it was confirmed when he entered that call that always, I understand, will be in the memory of the young player. He did not get to play, but as he wrote the next day his brother Iñaki on social networks: “Yesterday you started to show him the way.” He repeated the call in the duel against Real played on New Year’s Eve without playing any minute, but it was Marcelino who gave him the alternative on Wednesday, April 28 against Valladolid. It was his debut as a lion, it was his first step to confirm himself in the Athletic first team.

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Hopefully on Saturday the circle of Nico Williams with the Estadio de la Cerámica and that is where he scored his first goal in the league. Later than never, he will arrive. In Villarreal he also debuted as a scorer Inigo Cordoba. Nico he scored in the Cup, a double against Mancha Real and also scored in the Super Cup in the semifinal against Atlético de Madrid. In fact, if the smallest of the Williams manages to score in the League, he will be the only player to score in the three official competitions that Athletic has played this season. It would be his particular triple crown.

The brothers scoring a goal in the same game WilliamsIt would also be a very nice thing. The brothers already did it in their day Beluaste, Arieta and SalinasAnd why can’t they do it? Although it is not the best week to defend the numbers of Iñaki facing goal. Because if we base ourselves on data, yes, the other day in San Mamés against Elche he missed them in all colors, but he is right now, data also, the team’s top scorer with seven goals. Insist. That was the verb used by Iñaki Williams after Sunday’s game. Well. Insist and refine, I would add. Sharpen the aim. Because everything he generates, everything that helps with his unchecking, everything he does is very good, but goals are love.

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And don’t miss a detail. because the photo of Raul Garcia hugging villalibre after his goal, he is very well and says many things, but the sincere hug that Iñaki Williams he hit the one from Gernika in the center of the field at the end of the game, which he did not overlook either. now let it be Marcelino who decides who will start on Saturday in Villarreal. It will not be a thing of the other Thursday.