Neymar spoke in the Paris Saint-Germain-Manchester City preview, but his words are still not what Leonardo de Araújo, the French giant's sports director, nor his owner Nasser Al-Khelaïfi expect to hear. Both continue with the fly behind the ear. Neymar has been putting off PSG's renewal offer for too long to their liking. Yesterday, another chapter was added: good words, but nothing concrete. In Paris they have the suspicion that it is going to last and that the shadow of Barça is very long and tempting.

In a new exhibition of knowing how to be before the microphones at a press conference, Neymar gave his ears to PSG fans, but without getting wet. Despite being at a press conference prior to a Champions League semi-final, the Brazilian had no problem addressing the issue of his continuity at PSG saying that he is happy and that they continue to talk.

“I have nothing more to say about my renewal. I already talked about it in the last game and I don't know why I have to repeat it. We are talking to the club and I will do what is best for everyone. I already said that I am happy in Paris ”, Neymar affirmed. A statement that lives in the limbo of interpretation, but in reality they continue to sow doubts in the direction of the Parisian club.

In PSG suspicion has been installed, which is the worst of poisons. They do not understand how before a spectacular renewal offer and that in principle has been so well received by the representatives of Neymar, the player is not clearer about his future.

For the moment, he expresses good words and does not close doors, but in Paris they continue to suspect that he is waiting for Barcelona's movements to see if the option of wearing a Blaugrana will open up again.

It all depends on Messi, because if the Argentine decides to leave Barça, Neymar won't even value returning to Barcelona, ​​but if Leo agrees to continue and Barça lightens the salary mass with a couple of important sales, the Brazilian's option will once again become the soap opera of the summer … more.

In the summer of 2019 there were already negotiations between the Bartomeu board and PSG for the return of Neymar. Those conversations did not come to fruition. In the summer of 2020 it was Messi who was linked to PSG when he wanted to leave Barça, but Laporta's return to the Barça presidency has caused a radical change and now the possibilities that the Argentine will continue in the culé team have increased. And he wants Neymar by his side, which is why at PSG they suspect the lengths that Neymar sends day after day.

The sports strategies of several European greats depend on Messi's decision to continue or not at Barcelona this summer. From the outset, Barcelona is waiting for the decision of its top star, which will determine the sports policy of the entity at all levels. Planning a team with Leo is not the same as without him. In the first case, his hook can be used to attract players who want to share a dressing room with him; in the second, there will be more economic margin to remake the template.

But not only Barcelona is aware of Messi, PSG as well. The French were undisguisedly removed since Messi sent the famous burofax tol Barça in August and they redoubled their pressure, coincidentally, just before facing the Blaugrana in the Champions League.


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