Amaia Montero worried his followers on October 14 when he published a worrying photograph on his social networks with the following phrase, and which he has already deleted: “If hope is the last thing that dies and I still haven’t lost it, what good is it to me?” life?”.

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Her sister, Idoia, already spoke about it shortly after, acknowledging through journalists that the composer was not at her best moment. A few days ago, in addition, the first images of the singer came to light after spending a month in a clinic in Navarra. Now, new details of her state of health have come to light.

Hola assures that the singer of Want to be she suffered a strong picture of anxiety and stress motivated by the preparations for the album that she has baked to go on the market and that she was already promoting herself on her social networks, with great enthusiasm.

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Montero, who published his last album to date in 2018, had planned to launch his new project at the beginning of this year, which is about to start, although the doctors have been clear and have recommended absolute rest and tranquility to completely overcome this bump. A recovery that also involves disconnecting as much as possible from social networks, as he has achieved during this time of silence, which has been almost absolute.