News in the disappearance of Álvaro Prieto: a reporter from TVE’s ‘Mañaneros’ finds a body between two train cars

A reporter from the program Mornings from TVE has located a body between two train cars that could be that of Álvaro Prieto, the young Córdoba soccer player who had been missing for several days, after his trail was lost at the Santa Justa station in Seville.

Alberto Catalán is the TVE journalist who was reporting live when he began to relate what he saw from Kansas City Avenue, near the tracks. “A train just passed and we saw an image that could be… I don’t know how to tell this… excuse me for a second,” he said with a broken voice.

“We saw something suspicious, some sneakers sticking out of the carriages and some beige pants. We stopped this train when we started screaming and now the canine unit is coming to find out if they are the clothes she was wearing the morning she disappeared,” the TVE reporter continued. “We have noticed and have contacted them [familia y amigos] to ask if it was his clothes. “We are waiting for the National Police to arrive.”

The TVE signal has clearly shown the union of the two cars where the body was located. At one point, the director clicked on Cantizano’s image, visibly dismayed by the harshness of the images that were being offered at that time.

Mysterious disappearance of Álvaro Prieto at the Santa Justa station in Seville

The young Álvaro Prieto disappeared on the morning of Thursday, October 12 when he was trying to return from Seville to Córdoba. “I’m going to the stop,” he wrote to his family when he was heading to the Santa Justa station to board an AVE that he finally missed. He could not access the train and was not able to buy another one, because both the ticket and the payment method were integrated into his mobile phone, with such bad luck that he ran out of battery. After being missing for several days, his family feared the worst. “Either a car has taken him away or he has been run over,” said his mother.