Neto Murara, Barcelona goalkeeper, spoke in the preview of Barça's 2020-21 debut in the Champions League. These were their ratings.

What game do you expect?

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Champions League

* Data updated as of October 19, 2020

We are expecting a great debut and a good result. The illusion of the team is this.

How does the Classic live?

I from the Classic I have little to say because tomorrow there is a very important game. It will be time for the game on Saturday and everyone's illusion is in tomorrow's game.

Do you agree to reject any drop in salary?

About burofax and about these internal issues, we don't have to discuss it here and this is not the time to focus on that. What we have to do is play soccer.

How do you disagree with the pay cut?

It would be incoherent to answer that if I haven't done it before. It is an internal issue. Everyone has a point of view and there are competent people to solve this situation. These issues are not only solved by me but by the people who are trained to do so.

Have you seen a new Coutinho?

In my point of view, first of all I am happy to have a friend like him on the squad. And besides, it has a lot of quality. He has shown the level he has. I think he is very excited and strongly about the titles he has won at Bayern. It will give us a lot.

With what feeling did you leave Getafe?

Losing nobody likes. But that is archived. Football is fast and you don't have to stay with the best or with what happened the next day. You have to keep working and focalizar in the game of this Tuesday against Ferencvaros.

Do you think you can start when Ter Stegen recovers?

I work and give my best. Then, the coach will make his decisions.

What do you know about Ferencvaros?

You have to have the utmost respect for them. They will give the maximum. They have had to go through the previous ones and have beaten teams of great weight. We will respect them, but we will seek to win.

How do you see the evolution of the team?

The adaptation has been fast. The important is that each player is working with the will to follow the coach's ideas.

How do you see Griezmann?

Well. In this profession, we already know how everything works. I see him happy. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't and the season is long. It will give us much as it has already given us


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