Albert Rivera and Toni Cantó teach you how to speak in public and tell you how: “It’s a nice challenge”

In Albert Rivera in Toni Cantó they lose time. Malú’s ex and his former party partner have been working together on leadership and communication courses for about a year. Through one of them they aim to remove the fear of people who do not feel safe when speaking in public. The courses are taught at the University Leadership Institute, which Rivera directs.

“70% of people are afraid of speaking in public. It is a nice challenge and a pleasure to be able to help them lose that fear”the former leader of Ciudadanos wrote this Thursday.

Rivera reveals how they do it: “When we work with the participants of the ‘How to communicate in public’ program of the University Leadership Institute We give them advice, we train, we teach them tricks and we practice with the best professionals on the stages of a theater, on radio and television sets or on a lectern.we record them to improve and we practice in front of the public by presenting a business project or simulating a debate panel between several students.

For Albert, this work is being very rewarding: “It is a joy to see how in just a few days of work the participants go from being afraid to gaining improve their impact and effectiveness in the message, and they even manage to enjoy speaking in public.

Among the photos shared by Rivera appears Toni Cantó with a student. The former UPyD and Ciudadanos politician gets into the role. The interpreter of Everything about my mother y 7 lives He knows a lot about it, because the actor’s boards are never lost. Since he retired from politics in the fall of 2022 after his time at Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s Spanish Office, he has taught theater classes and worked in workshops of this type to learn how to speak in public.

Albert Rivera, for his part, since leaving politics in November 2019, has been in the news for his heart. From the birth of his daughter with Malú and the breakup with the singer, to the photos of him with the actress Aysha Daraaui in Ibiza and his romance with the designer Carla Cotterli, with whom he remains in love since their relationship became known in the summer of last year.

Professionally, he recovered his role as a lawyer and although he was upset during his time at Martínez-Echevarría (he was denounced for unfair competition although he was acquitted), he has not abandoned the profession nor the leadership courses. “You have to know how to leave”he confessed a few days ago about his departure from politics in an interview with entrepreneur Jorge Branger.