Koeman: “Messi's performance could be better”

Ronald Koeman spoke in the preview of the match against Ferencvaros.

What is the degree of enthusiasm of the squad for the Champions League?

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Every week is important. It is not a week more important than others. We want to play well, win tomorrow and have peace of mind. It is important that we get the games at home. At Barça there is always pressure to win games. We know there are things off the pitch at the club that we cannot influence. We have new and young people and there are going to be difficult times, but we are optimistic. And our mind is to go game by game. It is the best way to think right now. It is not an easy game. We are not thinking of putting people to rest for Saturday. Saturday, today, is not important.

Dembélé lost many balls in Getafe. How can it be recovered?

Ousmane is working fine. I agree that he had too many losses. But it is also his way of playing and risking inside. There were people in the middle. So I asked him to be more open. And I think the second half was better. He is one of the staff that works to perform. There is competition in attack and we can choose between six, seven or eight players.

How are you seeing Leo Messi? Do you see him happy and one hundred percent?

It may be that, at this time, the performance may be better. But seeing the player day by day, he is happy and wants to play and be the captain of the teamor. I have no complaints. I also think he's been a bit unlucky. I have no doubts about its performance. And I'm sure of it.

Are you worried about the lack of goal?

We have scored eight goals in four gamess. I don't know if there is another First team that has done it. We have had difficult games. I am not worried. We have enough quality above to mark.

Are you starting to feel disappointed with any heavyweight?

I am not disappointed. Everyone is trying to do their best. You have to improve things in the game, of course. But I see the team happy and happy. Unhappy with the first result, but no time to be sad. I have criticisms, but I am not disappointed. It may be that there are things that the players have to improve. That is my job, to talk to them.

What did the team lack in the Champions League in other years?

I don't know what happened other years. If we fail this season, I will be able to answer.

To what extent is it important to win against Ferencvaros with a view to the Clásico?

It is always important to win after a defeat, especially in the Champions League. Tomorrow's game is the most important. There may be more attention to other games, but we are going to go game by game.

Is it possible that Ansu and Pedri play together?

It's possible. It does not have to do with age but with the work and quality of the players. I am very happy with Pedri and Ansu. But they also have competition. We know they will have ups and downs. We have to help them, to improve their game and much more.

Is Griezmann's a psychological issue?

It is working fine. Of course we can have more performance. He knows his situation and the only thing a player can do is work hard. And nothing more.

Do you think that Barça is the favorite to win titles?

Whenever you play for Barça, you play to win. We are not the top favorite but we can go far.