Cuban forward Yoanki Mencía, new player for Casademont Zaragoza


The Cuban forward Yoanki Mencía, 25 years old and 1.98 meters tall, has become a new player for Casademont Zaragoza this Friday, although his non-EU status will mean that the big club will look for a way out for him on loan to another European team.

In the Argentine National League, he averaged 16.1 points and 7.6 rebounds per game, which helped him to be named the best foreign player in the competition and MVP of last year. “Mencía arrives after having participated in the Hunan Jinan Rice of the Chinese NBL and will join the first team’s training sessions,” Casademont Zaragoza has indicated on its website.

“He will be the third player in the squad to occupy a non-EU position, so a loan option will be sought for him to continue progressing in European basketball,” the same press release stated about the plans regarding Mencía.

The assistant coach, Sergio Lamúa, has described this signing as “a bet for the club and the future.” “Right now he has no place in the first team due to the issue of non-EU places, but until the club finds him a destination to develop, he will be training with us,” commented Lamúa.

Finally, Casademont Zaragoza has indicated in its note that “it continues to bet on talent and explore market opportunities with the clear objective of continuing to grow as a club.”