Neither family nor bridal gowns: this has been the “secret” wedding of Willy Bárcenas and Loreto Sesma

The singer of Taburete and the influencer poet have said “yes, I want” this Thursday in Madrid. Neither Willy Barcenas (33) is Loreto Sesma (27) They wanted their wedding to become the focus of attention and they have become husband and wife in a discreet ceremony to which only four witnesses, friends of theirs, have attended.

It has been in the Chamberí District Municipal Board, according to vanity. The groom was dressed in a simple jacket and shirt while the bride opted for an orange two-piece, far removed from the classic bridal style. In reality, nothing in this ceremony has been traditional, since Willy and Loreto have only been accompanied by four friends who have acted as witnesses to the wedding. Not a trace of his parents (in the case of the boyfriend, Luis Barcenas, former treasurer of the PP, sentenced to 29 years in prison and currently in semi-liberty; and Rosalia Iglesias, in prison for a sentence of 13 years; she, for her part, lost her father a few months ago) or any other family member.

Willy and Loreto began dating five years ago, although they kept it silent until 2020. Then, he invited her to go on stage at one of his concerts and they sang a song together, making it clear that they were more than friends. Last March they announced their wedding: “Yes, yes, there is a wedding. It will be this year and we will make it as discreet and intimate as possible”, He said. “I imagine that at some point something will come out, but our idea is to do something for friends, family… And not give it too much hype.”