Terelu gets fed up with Carmen Borrego and scolds her in public for having a big mouth: “She has crossed the limits and I have made it very clear to her”

The tension between the sisters grows at times. The health of the dearest Maria Teresa Campos interests and worries all his friends and acquaintances but Have him y carmen borrego they have very different ways of dealing with it in front of the public: the first absolute silence, the second normality. This Wednesday, the little girl revealed new details that earned her a call from her sister in private, via message and call.

Carmen revealed that her mother “still recognizes us, but there will come a day when she won’t” and that “she lives in her own world, where she still works and does stage shows with me.” Very excited, she explained that she is being very hard and that giving “normality to this disease” makes her feel more accompanied. Her sister, however, became angry when she saw that she shared with all of Spain what she wants to keep secret: “I wrote her a message and asked her to stop. I am also the daughter of María Teresa and I have the right to give my opinion. I made it clear to her to what extent it seemed to me that she crossed the limits”he said very seriously this Thursday.

The anger in private was not enough and Terelu has attacked her sister harshly: “She caught me absolutely unaware of it, there are things that I do not share because I think that there are things that do not stop belonging to our privacy with her, to ours “. And she added: “It seems to me that the details you shared are unnecessary.”

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Terelu, who wrote about her mother on her blog last Monday, wanted to make a difference: “I have made a blog of ‘To my mother’, but the only thing I have put is to say my mother is no longer what she was. But going into details can give rise to cabals or open the door to opinions that are not necessary”. And he has reiterated that he only wants respect for his 82-year-old mother: “If there was real respect from the press, we could have, in principle, the possibility of moving my mother in a safer way to avoid unnecessary morbidity for me. “.