Captain Silvia Domínguez renews two seasons with Perfumerías Avenida


The Spanish base Silvia Domínguez, captain of Perfumerías Avenida, has announced this Thursday her continuity in the Salamanca team for the next two seasons, “after a difficult year” and whose culmination was their defeat against Valencia Basket in the playoff final. ‘ for the Endesa Women’s League title.

“For me it is still a pride to be here. I never had any doubts, except the internal ones about knowing if I could give Avenida what a professional deserves. After a difficult year, I have finished the season more sure than ever of wanting to be here in what that is coming”, said Domínguez at a press conference together with Jorge Recio, president of the club.

“I want to finish my career here, I have no doubts; although the end is closer, I still see it as far away. What Avenida means to me, you all know and I hope to be able to give great nights. We still have titles to win and the illusion is intact as when I arrived at the age of 19”, added the international base with Spain.