The Atletico Madrid is very attentive to the situation Nehuen Perezwho is in Italy to finish outlining his signing for the Udinese.

A circumstance that has been delaying the official announcement of the signing of Nahuel Molina by the mattress team itself, since the center-back’s pass was part of the operation for his compatriot to arrive in the Spanish capital.

Now, the central defender undergoes a medical examination in Italy to see that everything is OK and finally be able to sign with the painting Friuliwhere he already played last season and where they know him well.

The footballer will sign for five seasons with the Italian team. The transfer ended up taking longer than expected because the Atlético He wanted to include at the last minute a possibility of repurchasing the player in case he finally explodes in Italy. In the end, the rojiblanco team achieved it and will have the power to recover the footballer, upon payment of an amount that has not transpired, at the end of each of the seasons, according to various Italian media reports.

Last year he finished Udinesewhere after a difficult start, he ended up playing 20 games and convincing the Italian side, who were willing to stay with him until the Atlético executed the repurchase for half a million euros to end up finally putting him in the operation of Nahuel Molina.

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Chema G. Source

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