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Nagelsmann: “I was not comfortable with the decision to go to Real Madrid”

Gabby Barker



Julian Nagelsmann It is the feeling of the Bundesliga. The Leipzig coach, 32, he revealed in an Independent interview that in the summer of 2018 he refused to go to Real Madrid. Zidane he had left office and the white club contacted him when he was at Hoffenheim, but the German said ‘no’ and Madrid signed Lopetegui.

“It is normal that if Real Madrid calls you, you think about it,” he said, adding that “at first I was surprised, I weighed it and I was not comfortable with the decision to go there. I want to improve and if you go to Real Madrid immediately, there is no time to improve as a coach. ”

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I want to improve and if you go to Real Madrid immediately, there is no time to improve as a coach

Nagelsmann knows that before taking over a project like Real Madrid, he needs more preparation. “You don't have the opportunity to become better since you have to be the best. Right now I am not the best, but I admit that I want to be one of the best in the future. If you go to Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the fans, the media and the decision makers do not give you time to become that, ”he said that he also talks about the pressure that is to direct Real Madrid:“ They just want to win every game, titles, win the Champions League … If you don't win, you can't argue that you are still young and that you are developing. In the world of football it is not easy to plan a race, because it is very unpredictable, but you have to try. ”

Nagelsmann wants to go slowly. “The main thing is to take the right steps, not the biggest steps. Real Madrid is probably one of the highest steps that can be taken, so I thought ‘do you turn 31, go to Real and from there to where?” In addition, he pointed out another detail that raised doubts. “It is very important to me. I like to communicate, I am very expressive with my players. I still can't speak Spanish, I just know how to say ‘hello, how are you?’ So it would have been the most important step, but not the right one, ”he said.

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