Nadal, cautious to return: “I train what I can and what my body allows me”

The Manacor tennis player has not yet revealed whether he will play the Australian Open

He states that he goes “day by day”, although without knowing “how my body will be in a few months”


The Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal admitted this Thursday that he is debuting “now a little more than a month ago”, but he showed caution about his return to the courts after his injury to the iliac psoas in his left leg, since he exercises only what he can. “leaves” his body and that is why he did not reveal whether he will play the next Australian Open in January 2024.

“It’s changing, it all depends on the stage you’re in,” Nadal said about his routines to go “day by day.” “I train what I can and what my body allows me to do. It is true that I am training now a little more than a month ago,” he commented during the presentation of NDL Pro-Health, a new line of food supplements launched together with the company Cantabria Labs.

“I’m coming from surgery and we have to try to take baby steps forward. In a recovery process there are baby steps forward and sometimes some back. So let’s see if I can increase the hours of training more and more,” predicted the tennis player from Manacor. during the event, held at the Madrid Costume Museum.

In this sense, Nadal was blunt. “I’m going day by day. There is no date because I don’t have the ability to know how my body will be in a few months,” he responded to questions about when he will return to competition. All of this following the fact that Craig Tiley, director of the Australian Open, recently stated that Nadal will play in that tournament next January.

“What has changed is that I am being able to train a little more, which for me on a mental level is already an advance,” stressed the player from Manacor, having ruled out the option of returning this fall. “In November I no longer have tournaments to play in, I no longer get there,” he stressed.

In addition, he detailed what point he is in his recovery. “I’m not training without pain. I’m training with less discomfort and that allows me to do more things. If I had zero pain, I could tell you that I’ll be back on that date or whenever. But that’s not the case,” he added.

“I am on a more or less appropriate path, but I am in unknown territory because it is an injury that I have never had before,” continued the tennis player in the company of Juan Matji, president of the pharmaceutical company Cantabria Labs.

“Since I gave up the racket in January… I didn’t give up the racket. I continued to try to play the clay season,” Nadal acknowledged about his habits after the injury. “I haven’t changed anything, really; and while I haven’t been able to play, I’ve done things that I couldn’t have done playing,” he highlighted.


Beyond talking about his return to the courts, the tennis player from Manacor recalled how his alliance with Matji had been forged. “A good relationship arose, a good friendship and we thought about releasing something new related to health and sports,” he said in this regard.

“People are increasingly aware that sport is health. And to play a good sport you need to complement yourself well,” Nadal argued. “To undertake this journey, who better than someone trustworthy and with extensive experience in the sector,” he added.

“Juan is a person you can trust. He has powerful deep-rooted values. First, he is a good person; and second, you can always trust him, whatever the result,” he praised the president of the pharmaceutical company. responsible for launching NDL Pro-Health to the market.

“I am a person who has become more aware over the years,” Nadal described his approach to dietary supplements. “Before, knowledge about health, nutrition and supplementation was very backward. And for me it has been very important to grow with it later,” she added.

“It has cost me effort, but I am aware that taking care of your body is vital. Health and vitality are necessary things to be happy. And that is the goal of this new adventure, we hope it is a product that is interesting enough for people,” the tennis player finally expressed.