Judicial setback for Rocío Carrasco: the TS dismisses her lawsuit against Kiko Matamoros

The woman of Fidel Albiac doesn’t give one In January 2022 he lost the lawsuit he filed against Kiko Matamoros for “violation of the right to honor and personal and family privacy” in the Provincial Court and decided to continue with his fight by filing an appeal in the Superior Court. This Tuesday, he was rejected.

Everything happened due to some statements from the talk show host, then in Save mein which he accused Rocio Carrasco of neglecting her son: “The nurse tells me that they have already said twice that when Rocío Carrasco had custody of the child, they did not take him to the neurologist.” The Court saw no crime in Matamoros’ statements and ruled in her favor, condemning the plaintiff to pay legal costs.

The ex of Antonio David Flores, not happy with the ruling, filed an appeal in the Supreme Court and included in the lawsuit the production companies Conecta 5 Telecinco SA and Cuarzo Producciones SL, from whom she demanded compensation of 90,000 euros in moral damages. The resolution arrived on October 4, according to The Spanish, and it was blunt: Matamoros’ words do not represent “any invasion of the sphere of privacy” against Rocío Carrasco nor do they reveal “any data or any information about her private personal or family life.” According to the ruling, Matamoros only transmitted the testimony of a nurse and her value judgment, so he was not expressing his own opinion.

Does not win for lawsuits

Rocío chains one judicial failure after another. Lastly, against Kiko Matamoros, you must add the lawsuits that she filed against Olga Moreno for “slander and right to honor” for some statements that the Sevillian made about her and her null relationship with her children Rocío and David in the Deluxe in 2019. They were dismissed in November 2022 for prevailing the “right to freedom of information” about public persons: “Whatever opinion this television genre deserves, whoever voluntarily agrees to participate in it, in the case of the plaintiff , generating controversy in order to achieve his appearance in successive programs thanks to extravagant or scandalous patterns of behavior, cannot expect his honor to be protected against objective expressions.

Last July she was convicted of not paying child support for 66 months. The judge imposed a fine of 900 euros and the obligation to compensate her son David Flores with the payment of 13,200 euros. Once again, Rocío Jurado’s daughter filed an appeal that remains to be seen.