Rosalía confesses to Penélope Cruz after her breakup with Rauw Alejandro: “I want to be a mother”

The Catalan singer stars on the cover of the magazine this month Vogue and undergoes a very personal interview with a very special interlocutor: Penelope Cruz. With her he has talked about his beginnings in the world of music, the dangers of fame and his future: “Improve the lives of the people around you and take care of those you love, instead of focusing on one itself, it is very beautiful. I would be very excited to be a mother,” she confessed.

During the conversation, Rosalía and Penelope talk about how they met during the filming of Pain and Glory and how the artist helped the actress sing. They also review the parallels between their origins and careers, about how to manage fame: “It is something that can destabilize you very easily. For me it is always a test by fire, it is something that tests my limits. And in the end I always think: ‘God It doesn’t give me a burden that I can’t carry. I also try to take it away by thinking that this is a job like any other. And I think that I exist to do exactly what I do and that thought anchors me. I would do this even for free, I would do it. I would do because I really like it.

Despite everything, she adds: “I wouldn’t change a thing, whether I was famous or not. I’m very lucky to be able to do what I do, so I try to focus on gratitude and the little things and then I don’t lose focus.” Pe, for his part, assures that his family is “what has helped me the most to not lose my way” and opens his heart by telling an anecdote that until now we did not know and that happened to him with his father: “We were both walking through the street and in five minutes a person passed by in a car and shouted at me: ‘I love you!’ And, five minutes later, another person passed by in another car and insulted me. That’s when I realized that that was a summary of what my life was going to be from then on.

Rosalía is now a world-class artist but her beginnings were not easy: “I remember that when I was a teenager I had vocal cord surgery, that was a bit difficult moment for me, because I had to stop singing.” And he reveals: “At 13 years old I already knew that I wanted to sing and be on stage. I had that concern, but I didn’t know very well how to open the melon because in my house no one was dedicated to anything that had to do with the industry. Then I saw that there was a casting in Barcelona and I skipped school that day to go with a friend. And I managed to get into the program ‘Tú si que vales’. It was an experience and I learned a lot, because I realized that you have to prepare a lot, so it was humbling.”

The importance of family

Rosalía confesses that her parents’ support was fundamental in her beginnings: “My parents have always told me that whatever I chose was to the death, that I should put all my being, my heart and my dedication, that I should not do it halfway. “I’m grateful that they never told me to pursue a career to have a safer second option. They supported me wanting to be an artist from the beginning.”

For Penelope, family comes first: “Before becoming a mother I had a very crazy rhythm and it took its toll on me. And I don’t have that kind of ambition anymore. It’s also true that now I can choose my projects so I don’t have to separate myself from others. children”. And she adds: “Actually everything changes after becoming a mother. Put the whole puzzle together and you never again see yourself as the first in life. And that is a blessing.”