Mustache Arrocet heats up the Las Campos soap opera: “María Teresa kicked her grandson out of the house”

A separation, a “poisonous” interview, a hurt mother, an angry aunt… It seemed that the soap opera of Las Campos and José María Almoguera It couldn’t get any more complicated but we always have Arrocet Mustache. The Chilean, who had a six-year relationship with Maria Teresa Campos, reappears this Wednesday to provide new information about the young man’s relationship with the women in his family. It also reveals an unpublished episode that does not fit with the idyllic relationship that, according to Carmen Borrego y Have himthere was between the grandmother and the grandson: “She kicked José María out of her house.”

The comedian relates that José María settled in a guest house attached to María Teresa Campos’ main home in her magnificent chalet in Molino de la Hoz. “He took the girlfriend he had at the time and problems soon arose. There was a lot of disorder in the house, the girl did not have good habits. She locked herself in, she almost never left the house,” Edmundo remembers. “Teresita didn’t want to kick him out, but Carmen heated her mind so much that in the end they kicked him out with his girlfriend”. At first, José María blamed his grandmother: “He was angry with her for a while but he knew it wasn’t his fault, but his mother’s”reveals.

This is just one of the many anecdotes that Bigote Arrocet rescues this Wednesday in Ten minutes. The Chilean’s new interview has ten pages and not only involves María Teresa, Carmen and José María but also Terelu: “She had a car, a Mini, and her nephew wrecked it.”

Without mincing words, the businessman assures that José María harbors a lot of resentment against his mother and aunt and defends that he has reasons for this: “They have limited the poor man’s existence. I talked to him and he said to me ‘Do you think, Edmundo, that it is normal that this house is empty and I have to leave?’has revealed.