Antonio Tejado is transferred from one module to the Seville prison after being denied freedom: “It’s very bad”

Seville is experiencing its big week but the Tejado family doesn’t have the body for lanterns. Antonio He has already been in jail for two months and the refusal to grant him provisional detention while awaiting trial was a blow that the nephew of Maria del Monte He has not known how to manage. His brother Chema gave the latest update on his condition: “Antonio is terrible, like any person who is convinced of his innocence in this situation.”

To Antonio, what has been changed module within the prison, and the rest of his family has no choice but to trust in justice: “The lawyers give us confidence in their work. We must trust the professionals.” Chema, furthermore, wanted to take advantage of the journalists’ presence to deny that he is considering granting an interview, as has been speculated, and to also deny that his relationship with his aunt María del Monte is going through a difficult moment: “We are a united family, we always have been, and we are going to continue working and fighting. I will always work for it. We are a united family.”

The version of the environment, however, is very different: “What they tell me is that both Antonio Tejado’s mother and brother have not welcomed the fact that María and Inma have joined the prosecutor’s office so that the investigation can continue and their nephew remains. in prison with the rest of the accused,” they said in TardeAR.

María del Monte, at the Seville Fair

The investigation continues its course and the main victims of what happened little by little recover their normality and smile. This Tuesday, Maria del Monte And his wife, Immaculate Casalthey went to the El Turronero booth to enjoy with friends and forget for a few hours about the tension and pain that this situation causes them.

The singer, who has already reappeared on television and on stage, is giving an example of strength: “Many things have been taken from me but I don’t want them to take my life”, he told Bertín Osborne last Saturday. “In life you have to start, you have to live, especially when you are healthy you see that everything else has a fix. I had the disadvantage of seeing how people I loved left and I couldn’t do anything, and everything else is already below. The cut-off grade is lower.”