Carmen Borrego, very upset, responds to Bigote Arrocet’s last interview: “Anyone who defames my mother will go to court”

The Campos clan is not going through a good time. To the tension that maintains Carmen Borrego with his son Jose Maria and also with the one who was his soul brother, Gustavo (who has blocked her on WhatsApp), an old acquaintance now joins: Edmundo Arrocet. The Chilean reappears this Wednesday to reveal details of the relationship between José María Almoguera and the Campos women: “María Teresa Campos kicked her grandson out of the house.” The former survivor did not like the headline one bit, and it did not take her five minutes to issue a warning: “Anyone who defames my mother will go to court.”

Very upset, Carmen Borrego has gone live on TardeAR to respond to the preview of the interview that Edmundo Bigote Arrocet has granted to Ten minutes: “Anyone who knows my mother and knew her knows that my mother has not fired a single employee,” he said. The journalist, very hurt, has sent a strong message: “We have the rights to my mother’s image and anyone who defames my mother will be sued. You cannot destroy a family and a deceased person who cannot defend himself”. And he added: “This man does not have the license to say everything he wants to say. My son is of legal age and can defend himself, but I defend my mother,” he said.

Carmen has also recalled that this is not the first time that Bigote has taken them to the limit: “He could already be sued but since he has an address there is no place to send the lawsuit.” However, these latest statements from Edmundo have exhausted the patience of the sisters and they are not going to let them pass: “The game and the damage to the Campos family, who have been working honorably all their lives, are over.”

She was so angry that she did not even admit questions or comments from Ana Rosa’s commentators. The little girl from Las Campos blurted out her story and hung up the phone, leaving everyone with the word in their mouths.

“I’m tired of him using me”

Carmen does not win for disappointments. If this Tuesday it was Bigote Arrocet’s interview that disturbed Borrego’s peace, on Monday it was Gustavo, her mother’s former driver, who attacked her after blocking her on WhatsApp for an exchange of messages following an encounter informal and private between them that Gustavo decided to gut on the set of Ana Rosa.

He claimed to be “hurt” with Carmen. She, of course, is not exactly happy: “I’m tired of being used to hurt me. If you’ve blocked me, that’s your problem.”, said. “The only thing I can be clear about is what I say and what I don’t say. So, in a family problem in which I am absolutely contained and serene, I don’t think it’s time for anyone to set fire to it. Let each one do what he wants, but without lying.”