The Swiss coach, Murat Yakin, acknowledged that they face “a unique opportunity to make history” when they face Portugal this Tuesday in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar, to whom they have already “demonstrated” not long ago that they can shake.

“It is a unique opportunity, that is clear. We have a great opportunity to make history and we want to have another game, but we also have to ignore the importance of the game,” Yakin warned on Monday at the previous press conference.

The coach considered it “crucial” that they go out onto the pitch “with courage and confidence” and that they are able to remain “calm” and “enjoy playing football.” “We are aware that we are up against a good team, but the statistics do not matter, nor the past, we have already shown that we can beat Portugal”, he remarked in relation to the last victory a few months ago in the League of Nations against those of Fernando Santos.

Yakin confirmed that he has “all” his players available for this duel, for which they have handled all the scenarios. “We practice penalties, but we don’t focus only on that. The team will be prepared for this if necessary,” he warned.