Casually dressed, with flat shoes and mask. so it appeared Mrs. Letizia last Saturday in the Nuevos Ministerios shopping area, specifically in Zara Home, one of its fetish stores. She tried to go unnoticed although some savvy buyers recognized her. Of course, they did not bother her and allowed her to buy calmly as ‘one more’.

The day was not very fruitful. According to Lecturesthe queen asked for a toy kitchen, probably for her sister’s daughter Thelmaborn in August 2021, the result of her relationship with Robert Gavin, which he ultimately did not acquire. Yes, he bought a scented candle for the house, with a gingerbread cookie scent, very Christmassy.

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As we said last Friday, the kings have taken this entire week on vacation. According to what some media have published, they could travel to London to accompany and pick up Leonor, which ends its academic semester this Friday, December 9. It would not be surprising if her parents have meetings with tutors and teachers to be informed about the princess’s school performance, that she will return to Madrid to celebrate Christmas with the family until January 2.