Ten days have passed since the famous affair between Alba Carrillo y Jorge Perez but it is still the joke of Mediaset. The versions of the defenders and detractors of the couple, as well as the statements of the model herself and martha lopez, an exceptional witness of the night, have caused the issue to reach stratospheric dimensions. The ‘marriage of light’ has taken refuge in Palencia and from there has blurted out to reporters: “You have no heart.”

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He said it Alicia, professional coach, while her husband warned: “Go away and that way we save calling the Civil Guard, who will have better things to do.” Both have decided to ‘withdraw’ from the battlefield and after a first intervention by Jorge on television, one day after his meeting with Alba Carrillo, they have wanted to remain silent. At least, facing the gallery, because there are more and more familiar faces who affirm that they have tried to pull the strings of the situation from behind.

Marta López, for example, assured (and the Policeman agreed with her) that Alicia called her to ask her to put Alba down, stressing that she had gone after her husband. FrigentiFor his part, he points out that Alba Carrillo has not been the only one and that the former civil guard has fooled around with more celebrities with the knowledge of his wife, since his life did not interest the audience too much and he feared for his work on television, while Rafael Mora He added that Jorge and Alicia are negotiating an exclusive in the press and their participation in a reality show, reasons for which they refuse to talk about it on television: if they did, their cachet would be less.

Cristina Porta, the new unofficial spokeswoman for the couple, assures that everything is a trap that they have set for Jorge and Alicia. “I called him on Friday and they told me they were going to disconnect. This morning I spoke to Jorge again. They have not turned on the TV, many things have been said… after having seen her, they are not calm. This has taken on a magnitude… A lot of unverified information is being given that I don’t understand. They’re freaking out, obviously.”. And he adds: “I put my hand on the fire that Jorge is not going to go to any reality show and that this Wednesday we are not going to see him in any exclusive.”