Morocco will host the Club World Cup from February 1 to 11, 2023


Morocco has been chosen as the venue for the next Club World Cup, which will be played between February 1 and 11, 2023, while the expansion of the tournament to 32 teams has been postponed until 2025, FIFA confirmed this Friday.

In this way, Real Madrid, current European champions, will travel to the North African country to win this title along with six other teams, the five champions of each league plus one from the host country.

This will be the third time that Morocco hosts this event since it did so in 2013, with Agadir and Marrakech as venues and with a title for the German Bayern Munich, and in 2014, with Rabat and Marrakech as venues, with a victory precisely for the team madridista

Initially, this Club World Cup was going to be held in 2021 in China and already with 24 participants, but it was canceled after the rescheduling of the entire sports calendar due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and thus allowing the celebration of the Eurocup and the America Cup.

The tournament will now feature 32 teams, according to a revised plan, and will start in 2025. In this regard, FIFA president Gianni Infantino noted that details, including the host country and dates, still need to be discussed and decided.

On the other hand, the world soccer governing body confirmed that the decision on the venue for the 2030 World Cup, to which Spain chooses in a candidacy along with Portugal and Ukraine, will be in 2024, and announced that the windows for the International match schedules from 2025 would include an extended one with four matches at the end of September and beginning of October to replace the current two separated in these months.

In addition, to increase the chances of teams from different confederations playing each other, it plans to launch the ‘FIFA World Series’, friendly tournaments that would take place in the March window in even-numbered years.