Íñigo Onieva and Tamara Falcó promised Hugo Arévalo that he would be the godfather of his future son: “High treason”

After the breakup of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva, the Marquise de Griñón consoled herself with her loved ones and friends to get out of the pothole. Among them, the businessman Hugo Arévalo, who is also a friend of the car designer and would have become Tamara’s new illusion after her love setback.

The three of them even shared plans this summer in Sotogrande and, in these gatherings of friends, they shared confidences and life plans.

“Their friendship was so intense that the three of them went to spend the summer in Sotogrande. In the midst of these meetings, many things come up, such as Íñigo and Tamara’s wedding. They tell Hugo: ‘The day we have a child, you will be the godfather. That is the level of friendship”, explained Isabel Rábago this Friday in Ana Rosa’s program.

For all this, Onieva is trilling. He feels betrayed by his friend: “Iñigo is pissed off not the following, I understand that it is high treason between friends,” added the journalist. Leticia Requejo, for her part, has also revealed how the man from Madrid feels at the moment: “Iñigo says that Hugo is the worst and that he considers that Hugo has been the one who has leaked it to the press.”

It must be remembered that Tamara and Íñigo got engaged in September and, just one day after the announcement of the engagement, the video of the businessman’s kiss of the night with another woman at a festival in Nevada was leaked. Onieva tried to recover Isabel Preysler’s daughter without success, since the Marchioness made it very clear that she no longer wanted anything with him. She then cut off all communication between the two.

Arévalo, for his part, is an entrepreneur and participated in the creation of Tuenti as a co-founder. He is executive president of The Power Spain and also founder of Grupo Auro. He has his privatized Instagram account and, in it, accumulates just over 4,000 followers.