José Ortega Cano, Aldon and his son’s problematic First Communion

The First Communion of Jose Maria Ortega Aldon will demonstrate the existing reality in the relationship of their parents, Jose Ortega Cano y Ana Maria Aldon. The gossips assure that between the bullfighter and his ex-wife the distance is absolute. They try to pretend otherwise, but the schism is more than evident.

It will be next Wednesday, March 29, when the little one receives the sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time, and his parents will be present on such a special day for their son.

Will they put their differences aside and pose together? Will they sit on the same bench or separately? A friend of both reveals that a few days ago the two had a telephone conversation in which they agreed to put aside their confrontations and sign peace on that special day. Everything is for the good of his offspring. And even if it’s for just one day.

But there is an added problem: in the case of the Ortega brothers, Ana María is not a saint of their devotion, they never wanted her, and now less. The tension between both parties can be clearly seen in the environment. It is easy to imagine the positioning of the two parties in the celebration after the religious ceremony.

They say that José María had a very bad time at home when he saw the bad feelings between his mother, his father and his uncles. That on more than one occasion the discussions were too loud and it was impossible not to listen to them.

Ortega suffers in silence the absences of his child of the soul, who lives with his mother in a town in Guadalajara. He rarely sees him and misses bike rides and afternoons in the park. He even kisses before going to bed or good morning.

He is a very sentimental and very sensitive man, although sometimes his tempers can hurt him. He is not able to hold back. And he says the first thing that comes out of his heart and soul.

The veteran right-hander’s last barrage against his ex was a blow considered too cheap. This same week he declared that his first wife, the late Rocío Jurado, had been the great love of his life, thus ignoring the years spent with Ana María. A ninguneo with all of the law.

Aldón had to swallow during their marriage to find clear references to Rocío in every corner of the house where she lived with her husband, because José kept too many memories of the greatest clearly visible. A painting of the chipionera came to preside over the living room of the chalet for years. And Ana had no choice but to accept the impositions of her husband. Because in reality they were that, impositions. In a way, a lack of respect towards the television talk show host, who seems to take over her life and even fool around when she goes out to a party.