Begoña Gomez y Pedro Sanchez They spent some of their most romantic days in Mojácar, where we saw the current president and his wife show off their splendid anatomy in swimsuits several summers before Moncloa was their home. Even the bath in an inflatable crocodile Enrique Ponce and the young student Ana Soria in the town of Almeria The socialist leader’s wife and her husband were the celebrities most persecuted by the paparazzi in Almería. But it is that Mojácar, long before becoming the PSOE’s electoral nightmare due to the vote-buying scandal, was a talismanic place for the Spanish left.

The Valencian socialist ugly july Zarandieta is 87 years old today but during the arrival of Felipe Gonzalez to the Government was what we called a plumber of power, something similar to what Pedro Arriola (Celia Villalobos’s husband) was later for Aznar or Rajoy, or Iván Redondo for Pedro Sánchez.

Julio Feo was the first socialist historian who made Mojácar, a town with which he fell in love long before taking Felipe González on the road to victory, after being his campaign manager in the general elections of 1977, 1979, 1982 and 1986. Later, he left active politics to become a consultant.

Well, long before all that, a young Julio Feo who had not turned 30 years old, settled in the lands of Almeria, full of misery but beautiful and with the most beautiful crystalline waters in Spain, pure, as he had recounted years ago. , Juan Goytisolo in Fields of Nijar, where he describes both the physical and human landscape of the neighboring municipality of Níjar, a few kilometers south of Mojácar.

Julio Feo fell in love with that paradise and dragged his friends Alfonso Guerra (who bought a flat there) or Felioe González, who celebrated a memorable birthday there at the local hostel.

In that nest of socialism, Francisco Alarcón and his wife Juana Torres, known as La Molinera, appear for the first time. The aunt and grandmother of two of those arrested this week for presenting vote buying in Mojácar. Felipe González, Alfonso Guerra, Joaquín Almunia and Pedro Sánchez himself have passed through there, along with his wife.

Pedro Sánchez acquired his summer residence in Mojácar in 2001 and then paid 120,000 euros. He had spent several summers of his youth with his uncle in a two-bedroom apartment.

Sánchez has not used his apartment for years because he has Las Marismillas in Doñana or La Mareta in Lanzarote, as a privilege for being President of the Government. But also, although he maintains his property in Almería, he does not meet the security measures of the other options.

Love story of Pedro Sánchez and Begoña Gómez with Mojácar

Pedro Sánchez’s love story with the beautiful town in eastern Almería goes back a long way. Already in 2015, when the socialist leader was fighting to gain a foothold in politics, we photographed him on vacation with his wife Begoña Gómez and his daughters in Mojácar. The president and his wife have a summer residence in the town.

However, when Sánchez is asked where he would get lost, he often answers in Mojácar, and it is that his daughters and his wife, Begoña Gómez, are drawn to the land of Levante Almería. They moved when they went to the Aku-Aku beach bar, where Sánchez was located in 2016 when the PP won the elections.

The owner of Aku-Aku, María Flores, known for her paellas, is also from the Flores family, a surname she shares with number 2 on the list, Francisco Bartolomé Flores, the same man who was arrested this Wednesday, and with Bartolomé Flores, Francisco’s father and former mayor and socialist senator for Almería. María Flores is number 6 on the socialist list for these local elections in Mojácar.