Kiko Hernández faces a lawsuit that will affect his economy (in addition to losing his job)

Kiko Hernandez has a problem added to the end of Save me and is called Gustavo, the driver of Maria Teresa Campos. It was expected. They got mad at him. They even showed the place where he lives and overwhelmed his neighbors. The strange thing would be that Gustavo Guillermo, the driver and trusted man of the mother of have him y carmen borregoI would not have sued Save me already Deluxe.

As we already collected, the faithful employee of the veteran journalist and Ainhoa, his girlfriend, filed lawsuits against the programs and their production company, The TV Factory for violation of privacy, honor and image.

Those were very hard days for the driver. The Telecinco programs maintained a kind of campaign against Gustavo Guillermo for many days for understanding that he was leaking personal information about María Teresa Campos and her daughters, Terelu and Carmen Borrego, to the press. They used Gustavo as an argument to support the audience of their spaces without caring about the veracity or the dimension of the supposed news that they mounted around him. They said that Gustavo had secretly recorded Carmen and that they had a devastating chat against him.

Gustavo is the person who accompanies Teresa Campos everywhere. It has always been said that he is her driver, but in reality he is much more; he is her confidant, her personal assistant, her caretaker, her arm to lean on. It is everything to her. In fact, the veteran journalist has come to verbalize that he is the son he never had.

Well since save use, the program in which they work sisters Terelu and Carmen Borrego dedicated themselves to crushing him for a couple of weeks. Also his girlfriend, an anonymous person who has never been in the media. It was with the connivance of Teresa’s daughters, especially at first, that they allowed them to say barbaric things about him without question. In fact, they came to add firewood with certain testimonies. It was even said that he received money in exchange for providing information to journalists and paparazzi. For all these reasons, Gustavo, after consulting with the lawyer Antonio Zapatero, has decided to answer them through the courts.

But as you may have learned Informalia, the programs and the producer are not the only defendants. Gustavo Guillermo has also sued Kiko Hernández for violating his right to privacy, honor and image. He was one of the toughest and most forceful, despite having shared good times together. Both considered themselves friends and stayed a few weekends together with Belén Rodríguez.

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Tears and despair due to the harassment he suffered from Sálvame for many days

Kiko Hernández left a horrible image of Gustavo. She came to assure that she was recording María Teresa Campos and her daughters and insinuated that the purpose of it was to achieve some kind of performance with those recordings. She also assured that she made an economic benefit by selling information about the Campos clan to the media: “This man has been passing information to the same person for 20 years.”

Faced with such attacks and accusations, Gustavo decided to keep quiet and not offer any type of statement. Offers had to talk, even his own Deluxebut preferred to remain silent. Kiko and the program made an effort to make him look bad, like a mole and a traitor. And he didn’t expect it. He considered Kiko his friend.

And those days he cried and felt terrible because not only did he see that that trusted person with whom he had laughed and spent moments of leisure betrayed him, but because of her he was about to lose his job and the affection of his second mother, Teresa Campos. . For this reason, after maturing it well, she has decided to take this step. She wants, at least before the courts, Kiko to apologize to him and his girlfriend, Ainhoa, who has also had a terrible time.