Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres postpone their honeymoon at the last minute: all the details

Although the honeymoon is a moment awaited by the newlyweds to be able to enjoy the new step they have taken together in solitude, there are compelling reasons that sometimes make it necessary to postpone it. This has happened with the Raul Prieto y Joaquin Torres.

At the last minute, the former director of Save me and the famous architect have decided to leave in stand by his trip to Japan and stay in Spain, specifically in Cádiz, to be close to Joaquín’s mother, who is going through a delicate health patch.

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This is how Torres himself explained it on his social networks: “A few days of rest not far from home due to my personal circumstances, in Cádiz. Its people and its city are wonderful. We have been invited to ‘Chicharrones Curro’, in the market, at the appetizer”.

Bittersweet moment for the painter’s ex-husband Mercedes Rodriguez Parrizas. “Since time does not forgive, she leaves me a little every day… I try to prepare but, honestly, I cannot imagine my world without her, and my sorrow for living what I am living is indescribable. It hurts physically, I know it is law of life, but seeing how my mother goes out a little every day makes my whole world much grayer, without light,” Torres wrote last Mother’s Day on her social networks.

The ceremony and the celebration of the love between Joaquín and Raúl took place in Seville six days ago, on May 19. Among the 300 guests were famous faces such as: Terelu Campos, carmen borrego, Alexandra Rubio, Rocio Carrasco (con Fidel Albiac), bethlehem esteban (and her husband, michael marcos), Charlotte Sliding, Kiko Matamoros (with his fiancée, Marta Lopez Alamo), David Valldeperas o Emma Garcia.