The biopic about Miguel Bosewhich premiered worldwide in November although it still cannot be seen in Spain, tells the life of the artist until the birth of his two eldest children, Thaddeus y Diego, who reside with him in Mexico. In these chapters he does not show Ivo y Telmothe biological children of Nacho Palau They live with their father in Valencia.

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The series, as anticipated The Spanishends with the characters of Miguel and Nacho presenting their two children to Lucia Bosethe missing mother of the singer, and her sisters, Lucy y Paola. The voice-over of the series, which Miguel himself presented in Mexico in October, emphasizes: “With Diego and Tadeo I have formed my own family. La Tata [su madre] he is no longer here to educate them, not even the bullfighter [su padre, Luis Miguel Dominguín] to spoil them. That task corresponds to me and that will be my priority for the rest of my life.”

At the moment they have not communicated if there will be more seasons of the series, so ending like this will have ignored the birth of their other two little ones. Paternity and attempts at surrogate management of the interpreter of my bandit lover and the Valencian sculptor are essential plot lines in the series, produced by Paramount + and starring Joseph Shepherd e ivan sanchezwho interpret Bosé in the different moments of his life.

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After Nacho Palau’s cancer, for which chemotherapy treatment has already finished, Miguel and he have approached positions. A source close to the singer revealed to us that Miguel “is very concerned about Nacho’s state of health” and Palau himself recently confessed in Ten minutes: “I have had my conversations with Miguel and I know that if something happened to me, he would be there (…) He has conveyed his great concern to me and has told me that he will be there for whatever it takes”. However, his problems in court for the parentage of the children have not ended: “One thing has nothing to do with the other.”

The Valencian artist defends before the courts that, although the four children have different genetics (biologically they are not brothers) there is an affective and intentional filiation. Despite living in different countries, the children are in constant contact and spend special dates, such as Christmas, together. These past holidays Ivo and Telmo were in Valencia with their little brothers and Palau: “They have been wonderful. With my four children. Diego and Tadeo came after Christmas and left after Epiphany.” Miguel and Nacho were together for more than a quarter of a century.