For a few days there has been talk of an alleged letter that Patricia Llosathe ex-wife of Mario Vargas LlosaI would have sent him to Isabella Preysler in 2015, when the romance between the queen of hearts and the Peruvian Nobel Prize winner had not yet come to light. However, the writer’s environment ensures that such a letter does not exist.

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“Sources close to Mario Vargas Llosa confirm that this letter does not exist and that it is not the style of Patricia Llosa, who has behaved like a lady since this broke out and since Isabel raised her husband,” explained the journalist Isabel González this Wednesday in it’s already noon.

It has been commented that in said letter Patricia asked Isabel not to make her relationship with Mario public: “Patricia warns him that he has already done it more times. That their marriage may seem to be broken, but that it has been like this for more years. .. That the infidelities consented to by her were continuous, and that she did not take the Nobel seriously,” said Pilar Vidal.

The author of The party of the goat and the mother of his three children signed their divorce in 2016 and it did not become valid in Peru until two years later. On February 9, Patricia is invited to a very special event for her ex-husband, who will become the first Latino writer to enter the French Academy. In addition, her son Álvaro already revealed on Twitter that they were together a few months ago in Peru, before the Nobel Prize broke and the mother of Tamara Falcó.

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During these last years, Isabel and Mario seemed to form one of the most consolidated couples on the national scene, although rumors of a crisis have surfaced with intensity in recent months. Finally, the mother of Enrique Iglesias announced the break on December 28 of last year in her magazine. According to her version, the writer’s unfounded jealousy led to the breakup. According to Vargas Llosa’s environment, his different lifestyles.