The Miami Masters 1,000 crowned the Polish Hubert Hurkacz as the new champion this Sunday. It is the first title of this category for the 24-year-old Hurkacz, who beat Italian Jannik Sinner in the final and left him without Djokovic's precocious record.. This is the record of the tournament:

Honors and titles at the Miami Open

H. Hurkacz (2021)

R. Federer (2019)

J. Isner (2018)

R. Federer (2017)

N. Djokovic (2016)

N. Djokovic (2015)

N. Djokovic (2014)

A. Murray (2013)

N. Djokovic (2012)

N. Djokovic (2011)

A. Roddick (2010)

A. Murray (2009)

N. Davydenko (2008)

N. Djokovic (2007)

R. Federer (2006)

R. Federer (2005)

A. Roddick (2004)

A. Agassi (2003)

A. Agassi (2002)

A. Agassi (2001)

P. Sampras (2000)

R. Krajicek (1999)

M. Rios (1998)

T. Muster (1997)

A. Agassi (1996)

A. Agassi (1995)

P. Sampras (1994)

P. Sampras (1993)

M. Chang (1992)

J. Courier (1991)

A. Agassi (1990)

I. Lendl (1989)

M. Wilander (1988)

M. Mecir Sr. (1987)

I. Lendl (1986)

T. Mayotte (1985)

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