Mercedes Dear has revolutionized social networks this Friday after commenting on social networks the gala of survivors. Asraf Benoseparated from his companions, and Adara Miller They once again became two of the great protagonists. The friendship they had in their day is broken into a thousand pieces and the former presenter of Big Brother is clear who to defend: the future husband of One Pi.

The presenter has shared the message she wrote while watching the gala, in full indignation: “Last night I wrote this: I write it hot. I’m watching survivors. I am suffering in the Palapa: everyone against Asraf, it is unbearable. None have managed, for me, to give a single argument that justifies their attacks on this contestant, none.”

Mercedes, in her post, points directly to Adara: “I feel real shame for Adara; a shame that is equal to the gratitude I felt towards her for so many weeks in which she was her best friend and defended her with reason from her colleagues “.

Milá considers that Adara changed her attitude overnight, for no apparent reason, and that she broke down after feeling the support of the public: “But that (suddenly and without us seeing any image to explain it) changed and we saw to a tough contestant and so unfair that the followers of this great format began to defend her with the weapon they have, the most powerful: their applause on set and above all their votes”.

The presenter sentences the publication with a strong argument in favor of Asraf and against all his colleagues, among whom are the children of Raquel Bollo: “Asraf was invariably nominated by his colleagues and saved by the viewers. What could be happening “Asraf is Moroccan and although he has lived in Spain for most of his life, for many people, even if he speaks perfect Spanish, he will always be an immigrant.”

Hook up with Adara’s mother

In the comments wall, Mercedes has come across a message from Adara Molinero’s mother, elena rodriguezwho also defends his daughter tooth and nail on the set.

“The attacks fortunately ended with the expulsion of Yaiza. For weeks the scenario has been different… Are you insinuating that the twelve are lying? Are you insinuating that they are crazy? Are you accusing them of conspiracy?”, he wrote.

And he has sentenced: “Your accusations of racism are totally out of place, they are unfounded and it is pure demagogy, it is a disgusting accusation. Stop hyperventilating Milá, you have ‘botched’ it at the God level. You have indeed disappointed me”.

The thing has not stopped there, because Mercedes has responded: “Being a mother and adore your daughter does not force you to lose objectivity. I have not said that the twelve lie, or that they are crazy, nor do I accuse them of conspiracy. What I say That’s what many fans of the reality show seem to think: we fail to understand the reasons for cornering and despising Asraf.”