“Don’t do that to him, let alone record him, please.” It is the message that Mercedes Dear sent this Sunday to the chef Samantha Vallejo-Nágerawho shared a video on social networks where he scolded and punished his son Roscon. The boy, with Down syndrome, cried while his mother, relentless, took away the television control: “This type of intimate exposure stirs and hurts,” the influencer has written Mary Leon.

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Also Anabel Pantoja He wrote to her: “It’s okay to set limits and educate your son, but in privacy, and then if you want, you can tell your followers, the tricks and experiences. But daughter, can’t you see that he is not aware of the repercussion that video can have”, cried the niece of Isabel Pantoja. “You make him cry by watching TV, you scare him by punishing him and on top of that you record and upload it. You should respect him and his privacy,” he added. Adara Miller.

The jury of Masterchef became a Trending Topic thanks to the famous video and, seeing the repercussion of it and the wave of criticism, he decided to delete it and explain: “Roscón, like all children, cries over nonsense, and it’s incredible how he goes from laughing to crying in thousandths of a second. He is a happy child and helps a lot to mothers who have children with Down syndrome to give visibility to this condition. I am very sorry to the people who have offended this video, which was not appropriate at all. It was not the intention ” .