Mayra Gómez Kemp confirms Laura Valenzuela’s diagnosis: “She has Alzheimer’s and she won’t remember me”

Mayra Gómez Kempcontemporary, friend and colleague of Laura Valenzuelahas confirmed the diagnosis of the beloved presenter, whose state of health has worsened in recent days: “She has Alzheimer’s and she is not going to remember me,” Mayra assured when sending encouragement to Lara DibildosLaura’s daughter. The presenter has reappeared publicly to cover the doctor Michael Alonso at the book launch the optimistic brain.

The veteran communicator has taken the opportunity to send an affectionate message of encouragement because she is the daughter of her great friend for years, due to the delicate state of health that her mother, the dear presenter, is going through: “I think it is time to leave Lara to face it in the best possible way. She is a wonderful girl and Laura is an extraordinary human being, she was beautiful inside and out.”

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Mayra has confirmed that Valenzuela no longer recognizes anyone around her: “She has been an icon of our television and as such we must respect her and love her. Now I would not even try to talk to her because she has Alzheimer’s and she will not remember me, but Lara does and Lara what you have to do is support her, respect her and love her, let her know that we are with her”.

As Lara Dibildos confirmed this Thursday, after visiting her mother at the Hospital de La Princesa in Madrid, the 92-year-old veteran presenter “is fighting”. For her part, the daughter of Alvaro Muñoz Escassi, Anna Barrachinawho is very close to the family, also said this Wednesday night after visiting her: “She is quite sick, she is very old now.”

Mayra, with Mustache Arrocet

In addition to showing solidarity with Lara Dibildos, the veteran communicator has broken a spear in favor of Edmundo Arrocet about his relationship with Maria Teresa Campos, for which he acknowledges that he has “great affection like the partner he was”. “It’s a couple, nobody can interfere, but I don’t think Mustache wants to hurt María Teresa. What happens is that people sometimes do things they don’t think of and her family could stay quiet at home. I also love María Teresa I love you very much and I hope that things have been better than they seem, that for four days that we are here for real, we could get along better”.

Away from the media spotlight since she suffered tongue cancer in 2009 and throat cancer in 2012, from which she fortunately fully recovered, and still very affected by the death of her husband in 2021 Alberto Berco, with whom she shared 47 years of her life, the endearing presenter came to support the launch of a self-help work that insists on the importance of positivity to overcome life’s difficulties. An attitude that has greatly helped the unforgettable presenter of the One two Threeas he remembers looking back and talking about the very hard moments he has experienced in recent years.

“When they detected my second cancer, the surgeon told me that it was best to go for radiotherapy and chemo and my answer was, when we started, the day before yesterday. I wanted to start now. The best attitude, we who are a bullfighting people , the bull by the horns, always. And at least I’m still here. I force myself to go out and today I’m here because I said that I have to leave my cave, my comfort zone and face something, “explained the veteran presenter during the act.

Mayra recognized what has been the worst moment she has experienced: “Losing my husband has been the hardest thing that has happened to me. I do it for him, I think of him, I say what he would want for me and also his daughters who need me, I can’t do them a disservice by not being here. He always told me that he trusted that I would be there for them for a long time and I cling to that. I’m still in love with my husband,” she revealed excitedly, and confessed that He continues to think that Alberto: “has been the most important thing in my life.”