The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, assured that despite the fact that he is an Atlético fan, for him, due to his position as mayor of the capital, “it is a pride” that there is a team in the city that “has won 13 Champions” such as Real Madrid, eternal rival.

“I am going to Paris to accompany Real Madrid and I am delighted to do so. As mayor of Madrid, it is a pride to have a team that has won 13 Champions Leagues, but everyone knows my colors and I would not contribute anything if I wore their shirt, although I will be delighted that he wins,” said Martínez-Almeida during the presentation of the Vicente del Bosque summer campus.

The Madrid mayor confirmed that they already have “the security device ready” in the event that the Madrid team is proclaimed champion, although he is sure that “it won’t be necessary because nothing is going to happen”. “We are such a special city that we are the only one with two teams in a European Cup final and there has not been a single incident,” he recalled of the Lisbon and Milan finals.

“Win 3-1, I have few doubts. As Jorge Valdano says, Real Madrid doesn’t play finals but wins them, and experience is a degree. If it were Liverpool I wouldn’t even trust when I was in the locker room”, he confessed Martínez-Almeida, who has “a special weakness” for Luka Modric.

In addition, the mayor of the capital also referred to the non-arrival of Kylian Mbappé at Real Madrid. “He took it for granted that he would come. If he had an agreement, they must be respected and if he has not come it is because there are clubs that play in clear advantage over others”, he pointed out.

As for Atlético, he recalled that “it has been among the top three” and that in the Champions League “it was possible to beat City”. “Perhaps in the Copa del Rey things could have turned out better, I give it a 7.5”, he opined.

“We have to thank Luis Suárez for the two years he has given us, the first especially for the League, and the behavior he has had. The club will be working on reinforcements, but I think we have to give Cunha a vote of confidence I think he’s going to be an important player,” he said. “I pay my subscription so that there are signings,” he joked looking at Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético, also present at the event.