Mariano may have a thousand defects, at least in the eyes of Zidane, but what is a goal has … and a lot. With their target in La Cerámica are 11 those he has done in Madrid in the barely 1,086 minutes he has had in his two and a half seasons in the first team. An average that strokes the goal per complete game: one every 98 minutes. Maximum voracity.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

It is the Mariano more vindicativeor. His image in the goal was a replica of the most iconic of Mexico 68. Black fist, without gloving for obvious reasons, to heaven. Tommie Smith and John Carlos on that podium, the Black power. Two athletes for whom the gesture cost them first to be vilified and then to fall into the most absolute ostracism despite the Olympic glory. A void in which Mariano lived until this week and from which he has emerged in that way (Zidane inexplicably replaced him after Villarreal's 1-1 although later it was hidden in that the ram “was exhausted”) although now look at milan. If Benzema is still limping, on Wednesday he will have another chance against Inter with Madrid gambling to stay alive in the Champions League.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos' Black Power on the podium at the 1968 Mexico Games.

A striker who finishes everything and, unlike Karim, sets opponents and goes to the physical game against the centrals without hesitation. “He is a terrible enemy in the dispute”Jorge Valdano complimented him during the television broadcast. In the thrashing and finishing, leads by kilometers to Jovic, its main competitor. In almost similar number of minutes, 1,086 the Hispanic-Dominican for 1,016 of the Serbian, Mariano has made those 11 goals for just two of Jovic and seeks the goal with much more fervor, doubles him in auctions: 53 to 25. The positive of the Balkan will have him absent at least two more matches, that of Inter and that of Alavés (Saturday 28). A handicap that reduces the effect of his three goals for Serbia in one week.

The relationship between Zidane and Mariano seems irreducible, but goals like this Saturday increase the forward's irreducible faith in himself, determined from the first moment to succeed in Madrid no matter what happens and tell him (from the club or the bench) what they tell him. It was confirmed in AS by people who know him well. He has done it with evidence. He put off Benfica in the summer with everything ready to sign and like last year, that goal in the Clásico in one minute rescued him from oblivion. Umpteenth, Mariano asks Zidane to review his summary judgment and let you be a nine useful for Madrid. Benzema is on the run, with five goals in his last four games, but he needs help …

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