Maria Pombo has his more than two million Instagram followers in a hurry after he I had an oversight in The resistance last november 15. When the influencer connected her mobile to the screen of the Broncano program, a positive pregnancy test could be seen among her photos, and since then the rumors that she could be expecting a second baby have only increased. .

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the woman of Pablo Castellanos He had not spoken until this Thursday: “I am not going to speak, I have already said it many times, I have nothing to say, when I have something I always say it. But the best thing is that personal issues are personal until you can talk “.

A few words with which she suggests that perhaps she is in the first weeks of pregnancy and, naturally, she prefers to wait until the 3 months of pregnancy that health professionals recommend before announcing it.

This Wednesday, her husband answered in a similar way to the press who asked about the same subject in the photocall of an event: “We are very happy, but I am not going to answer anything, absolutely nothing. There is no news and if there is something to say, Maria will say it when she has to say it, if one day there is something to say, she will say something”.

If true, his firstborn Martín, who will be two years old on December 28, will become a big brother next year. the ex of Alvaro Morata and the architect have been together for seven years, four as boyfriends and three as married. They said ‘yes, I do’ at a beautiful wedding in Santander on June 22, 2019.