María Jiménez’s sister talks about the singer’s death: “It was all very fast”

Maria Jimenez’s sister It has been shown this Thursday just as whole as the singer’s son, Alejandro. Isabel She is devastated by the death of her sister at the age of 73 but has gathered strength and a smile to attend the media gathered in the Church of Santa Ana de Triana, Seville, where the funeral chapel is installed.

“We are destroyed. The smile on my face is never lacking, but we are destroyed because it is a great loss, but for me it is my sister,” he said.

Regarding the illness and death of María, he explained: “I thought that I was going to continue fighting, but it has not been like that. It has been very fast, we saw it coming, but not so fast. From a review… disease has eaten her.” Informalia He has announced for the first time that the great artist has died of lung cancer that he did not publicly tell.

Isabel has also praised her sister’s unmistakable warrior spirit: “A feisty sister. We have argued a lot, very guerrilla, she has fought a lot in this life to be where she was, she has gotten where she wanted to get.” She has left surrounded by the love and affection of her entire family: “She has had a great time, with her children, her grandchildren, her family… She has had a great time.” .

The singer’s life was marked by the death of her daughter Rocío due to a traffic accident when the young woman was only 17 years old: “She has never forgotten it. Her daughter marked her life, but she was very brave and has could with everything”.

The emotion, this Thursday, floods the family: “Genius and figure to the grave. She only lost her smile one day due to her illness and her things.”

On the other hand, Isabel has also lamented that the only regret they have is that they have not given her the Andalusian Medal on time: “I thank Seville and the media for how they are behaving. She left without the medal, but hey… .”.

Regarding Alejandro, who, as we said, has shown himself very whole to the press, he said: “It is there that, well… He is very lost because everything has been so fast… He is of a different age and does not assimilate everything, he will come later the fall. She is very dear.”

The bailaora’s funeral mass will be held this Friday, September 8 at 12:00 noon in the Church of Santa Ana, in her beloved neighborhood of Triana. From there, the mortal remains of the incomparable interpreter of It’s over they will be transferred in a horse-drawn carriage to the cemetery, just as she wished.