From Fran Rivera and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo to Carlos Herrera: emotion and tears in the burning chapel of María Jiménez

Familiar faces say goodbye this Thursday, September 7 to Maria Jimenez in the burning chapel that has been installed in the Seville City Hall. The figure of the Spanish song has died at the age of 73 after suffering from lung cancer that he did not publicly tell.

The bailaora’s funeral mass will be held this Friday, September 8 at 12:00 noon in the Church of Santa Ana, in her beloved neighborhood of Triana. From there, the mortal remains of the incomparable interpreter of It’s over they will be transferred in a horse-drawn carriage to the cemetery, just as she wished.

The burning chapel will also be open this Friday from eight to ten in the morning. Faces known as Fran Riverawho has been very excited at the doors of the Church.

Shortly after, the bullfighter connected by telephone with Telecinco: “I had a very special relationship with her, I called her the boss. I loved her, adored her. The greatest of all has gone (…) María’s life It has been very hard. He pushed forward and taught us to enjoy life and drink it in long gulps. He was strength, life, enjoying, laughing… These are lessons that I will never forget. He was pure heart, wild with feelings and of force”. The mother of the right-handed, carmina ordonezand she were great friends.

Eugenia Martinez de Irujo He has also attended the singer’s goodbye and has expressed his deep emotion on social networks. “María, for me you will always be eternal. I refuse to think that you have left… Indomitable spirit, unique and unrepeatable and an overwhelming race and personality. Always with you, María. I love you.” The daughter of the Duchess of Alba has come accompanied by her husband, the president of Universal Music Spain, Narcís Rebollo.

Carlos Herrera, who underwent surgery for a benign tumor a week ago, has also come to the Church of Santa Ana de Triana. Inside, he has offered his condolences to Alejandro, the artist’s son, who has very kindly attended to the assembled media. Other faces known as Marisa Jaraaccompanied by her boyfriend, Miguel AlmansaThey have also conveyed their full support to him.

The great artist overcame a problem with her digestive system that two years earlier had caused her to fall into a deep coma for two months. This health problem almost cost her her life and reduced her mobility. However, what finally ended her was the lung cancer that she suffered from her, although she never made this terrible disease public.

The cantaora’s personal life was marked by the death of her daughter Rocío when she was only 17 years old and also by the mistreatment of Pepe Sancho, the father of her son Alejandro. Her overwhelming personality, her suffering, her spirit of improvement, her joy and her unmistakable claw were reflected in each of the songs she sang and made unique.