Xero Shoes presents its ‘barefoot’ footwear for running, hiking and daily use


The ‘barefoot’ footwear brand (‘barefoot’) Xero Shoes has launched eight new models for running, hiking and daily urban use, two running shoes, two trail running shoes, one training shoe, a waterproof mountain boot, a men’s casual loafer and a faux wool slipper.

Now with over 45 styles, Xero Shoes has added styles for every occasion to meet growing demand as global searches for ‘barefoot shoes’ have steadily increased since 2021, currently at ‘peak volume’ according to Google Trends.

Xero Shoes founders and co-CEOs Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix commented on the ‘How I Built This’ podcast that the brand started with a simple “barefoot kit” in 2009, but now has an entourage of fans who only want to wear the company’s light and comfortable sneakers, boots and sandals.

“The talented designers on our team developed our brand into a complete line that appeals to the masses. Our Director of Product Dennis Driscoll laid the foundation for the DNA of our Xero shoes, which prioritizes natural movement, and with his guidance , we have maintained this focus while incorporating creative design elements,” said Vice President of Product Development Shaun Aharam.

Xero Shoes manufactures a flexible sole that allows feet and toes to bend and move naturally, and a sole so durable it’s backed by an 8,000 kilometer warranty.