Maria del Monte e Immaculate House, who celebrated their wedding in October after getting married in July, form one of the most established couples on the national scene. Despite the fact that the singer announced her relationship in June, at the Pride of Seville, the two have been together for more than twenty years.

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After everything he has lived through, it has not been until now when Casal, a journalist by profession, has offered his first public statements. Inmaculada (well known on Canal Sur, where she is head of Society) has received an award in Seville for making flamenco fashion visible. For this reason, she has been interviewed this weekend on the program Heart from TVE. Questions about his marriage to the sevillanas singer have been inevitable.

“Life remains the same and we are going to continue wanting it to be exactly the same, without hurting anyone because the important thing is respect,” Casal said. In this sense, he added: “I was Inmaculada Casal before I met her and she was María del Monte before she met me. I do not intend to go to the other side of the media spotlight. I will always be a journalist, I have been a journalist for 33 years and I will to continue being but I am on this side, next to the famous are others”.

Toñi Moreno, a great friend of María and Inmaculada, commented on Casal’s words this Sunday in her new program for the public entity. afternoon plan. “I think they have never hidden but they have never boasted because they have never talked about her private life and Maria has never talked about her private life.”

The presenter, who was one of the few guests at her wedding, also commented: “In Andalusia we are very used to seeing her work and we have never seen her as María del Monte’s partner because she is as well known there as María”.

Maria del Monte, Proud

The proclamation of María del Monte last June in Seville has gone down in history as one of the most publicized Pride events in our country. the interpreter of Sing me He took advantage of the occasion to present his girlfriend in society.

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“What do you think, that I am a robot and I have not formed my family? Of course I have, for 23 years. But simply and simply it is mine, and today I once again claim the right to continue being mine. Never in my life I have hidden from anyone nor will I ever do so,” he said. And she added, inviting the journalist to go on stage: “I want you to know before I get off here that I am one more person than we are here.”