Movistar Plus+ apologizes for Burgos’ “unfortunate comments” about Yamal and will “take measures”


The Movistar Plus+ platform apologized for “the unfortunate comments” made this Wednesday by the former Argentine player Germán Burgos, one of its collaborators on its sports programs, about the FC Barcelona footballer Lamine Yamal and assured that “it will adopt the appropriate measures”

“Be careful, if it doesn’t go well it could end up at a traffic light,” snapped the former goalkeeper from the set of the program prior to the Champions League broadcasts after some images in which the Blaugrana player was seen leaving the warm-up in the Park. of the Princes giving some high-quality touches.

This comment provoked anger not only from his club, but also from its rival, Paris Saint-Germain, and even from UEFA, which is why there was no attention to the ‘Movistar+’ microphone from either the players or the coaches. neither of the two teams.

“It was a comment without trying to hurt anyone, on the contrary, it is something that we talk about football, nothing more. If that is the case and you felt offended, I am sorry and I apologize publicly because the truth is that it was not the intention. One Sometimes out there making a ‘humorada’ (joke), you get into trouble and in this time you have to adapt to everything and that’s what we’re in,” Burgos later expressed from the set.

“Due to the unfortunate comments made by one of the Movistar Plus+ collaborators in the preview of the UEFA Champions League match between PSG-FC Barcelona about the Barça player Lamine Yamal, the platform publicly apologizes,” Movistar+ later stressed in a release.

The platform stressed that it “condemns any type of discrimination” and that “it will not allow this type of comments from any of the workers or collaborators linked to the platform.” “After what happened, the platform will adopt the appropriate measures to guarantee that these events do not occur again,” he stated.