The bullfighter already has everything: a devoted wife, three children who adore him, success in his profession and a father who, after 54 years, has finally recognized and embraced him. It was last February and since then they have been almost inseparable: “We spend a lot of time together. We like to spend hours talking about bulls and it fascinates me to listen to him tell anecdotes about all the countries he has been to and the friends he has made around the world. world”.

The Cordovanalready very recovered from his last fuck, visited this Tuesday TardeAR and he has spoken wonders of his father: “He is the most wonderful and incredible human being. He has helped me so much that I couldn’t repay him in three lifetimes. It has made me who I am, what my father has given me is my struggle. It is learning to fight, to feel, to be better every day, to have no resentment towards anything, to accept,” he said emotionally. “I have not felt rejected, I have understood life’s positions many times. It can’t be easy for a child to appear overnight and break a family bond, but it wasn’t my fault.” Now, he has finally fulfilled his dream and will close his professional career in the best way: his father He will accompany him next October 15 in Jaén and will be the one who cuts his ponytail: “He is the man I admire the most. He asked me and I am going to please him,” he said.

Manuel has also talked about his family life with his wife, Virginia Troconisand its three children: “I am a father’s apprentice. I am very soft. I am the typical soft father. Virginia is the one who leads us all straight. They do what they want with me.” It’s been 19 years since he married the Venezuelan model: “I was bullfighting in Venezuela and in a park, two cute girls greeted me and I invited them to watch me bullfight. Then, Virginia came to spend Christmas and stayed. She “I was studying in Venezuela and for a time I acted as her daddy, taking her to university. Now I have many plans for the future, I have a father and mother, things to share, my children and many things to be grateful for in life.”