The Board of Directors of the Olympique de Marseille, chaired by the Spanish Pablo Longoria, made it clear this Monday that it will not accept “personal threats” nor will it tolerate “individual attacks” against its members by the radical sectors of its fans, which it considers not They are “minimum acceptable conditions” for him to continue his work to ensure that the club “can once again achieve at the highest level.”

“The OM Board cannot accept personal threats. Its members cannot tolerate individual attacks or any form of unfounded public defamation. A relationship based on intimidation cannot guarantee the minimum acceptable conditions for the club’s Executive Board to continue investing in the transformation of OM,” the Marseille club stressed in a statement.

The entity expressed itself this way after having a meeting with “the representatives of the fan associations” who expressed “their desire” for the current Board of Directors to “resign”, and to do so “launched the threat of a ‘war’ ( sic) as long as they did not resign.”

“The OM Board of Directors believes in a transparent and regular relationship with its supporters, and everyone at the club (players, staff and management) considers criticism to be an integral part of the role and honor of representing OM inside and outside the club. field,” he pointed out.

In this sense, the Olympique board recalled that since its arrival “it has undertaken a profound transformation of the club’s organization” with the aim of taking it to the “first level” and “building a team capable of competing at the highest level.”

“The Management is carrying out this transformation in the sole and best interest of the club, seeking to establish a culture of excellence and professionalism. Special attention is paid to ensure that each decision is made with the greatest integrity and respecting the values ​​and standards of compliance of the club,” he added.

The board of the Marseille team is “particularly proud of the progress made in the last two seasons, which has allowed the club’s sporting, financial and institutional situation to be strengthened” and that all its “efforts must continue in the long term” so that the champion of Europe in 1993 “can return to the highest level, as desired by the Management, determined and focused from the beginning on building a great football club”.