Malú applies to Albert Rivera the saying ‘there is no greater contempt than not showing appreciation’ in El Hormiguero

A few days ago, Malú surprised with her new single ‘Ausente’. A topic about which, despite not having made any statement, seems to be dedicated entirely to his ex-partner, Albert Rivera. Tonight, the artist sat down with Pablo Motos along with her colleagues from ‘La Voz’ and she showed herself in front of the cameras.

Everything seemed to indicate that after recounting the details of this edition again, such as the ‘super block’ – which they can use individually and which will cause them, after having turned around, to automatically turn around again without the possibility of staying with the artist – the singer would talk about her single… but that was not the case.

No sign of his single or Albert Rivera. Nothing. Malú has overlooked these last few months of her life and has not even taken the opportunity to promote her latest song, which has been talked about a lot when compared to what Shakira has done with Gerard Piqué.

What she has talked about is that she is one of the privileged members of ‘La Voz’ because she has the largest dressing room: “Let’s start from the base that I have had since the first edition of ‘La Voz'”, although she has not recognized, since the only difference she finds compared to her classmates is that “I am the only one in the prison who has a window.”

Finally, the only relevant fact about her personal life is that she continues to receive the typical mother’s quarrels: “My mother scolds me a lot, I tell her ‘mom, I’m old enough’,” but no trace of her ex or his sentimental breakup and, of course, not even his single full of hints towards Rivera.